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Marcel Duchamp Festival 1971 July 20, 2010

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The UCI School of Fine Arts organized DUCHAMP IS…, the Marcel Duchamp Festival, consisting of a variety of events, lectures, panel discussions, films, happenings, performances, chess games, and magic, held  on campus throughout November 1971. The schedule for the festival is below, as printed in the New University. The event was organized by Barbara Rose and Moira Roth, both on the faculty at that time. Among those participating were Richard Hamilton, Robert Hughes, Walter Hopps, Barbara Rose, Moira Roth, Robert Pincus Witten, Alison Knowles, Allen Kaprow, Tony DeLap, Susi Bloch, Annette Michelson and David Antin. An exhibition of some of Duchamp’s work and work from others influenced by Duchamp was held in the UCI Art Gallery.  Many other unannounced and unscheduled events occurred as well. Anne d’Harnoncourt (Philadelphia Museum of Art) and Kynaston McShine (Museum of Modern Art), who were working together on the major 1973 Duchamp retrospective, were in the audience. Charlemagne Palestine and Simone Forti collaborated on a performance piece. Tony DeLap (sculptor, faculty member and magician) created a levitation piece titled “A Spatial Occurence.” The invitation for the festival stated: “You are invited to attend the opening of ‘DUCHAMP IS…’ on November the sixth. There will be a 6pm celebration on the grass at the Art Gallery. Perhaps you could bring bread and cheese to share. Opening ceremonies 8pm, Concert Hall.” According to the few first-person accounts available, the festival was a tremendous success.

New University. Vol. 4/No. 11. November 5, 1971. page 7.



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