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What a difference 25 years makes February 21, 2014

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To fully experience this series of photos, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Cue up Dinah Washington’s “What a difference a day makes”. (Even if it’s just in the music player inside your brain.)

Step 2. This photo shows an aerial view of the campus in February 1964. Do the math — that’s 50 years ago! To the month!

Aerial view, February 1964

Aerial view, February 1964

Step 3. These photos show the rapid construction carried out between April and June 1964. Construction is something we’re all familiar with on this campus — high five the next crew you see! Maybe they won’t like that. Maybe just slow down your vehicle as you pass work zones.

Step 4. October 1966, a full year after the first, first day of classes. Try to spot familiar landmarks! Buildings! Part of Aldrich Park! Is that the Back Bay?

Aerial view, October 1966

Aerial view, October 1966

Step 5. Aerial view of the campus, March 1989 — does this look more like us?

Aerial view, March 1989

Aerial view, March 1989

Step 6. Next time you manage to get your nose out of a computer, take a deep breath and walk around the campus. Construction continues to this day. How do we look as a 50 year old campus? Probably not a day over 30. Har har.

Photos from AS-056. Early Campus Photograph Albums and AS-061. University Communications photographs. Special Collections and Archives, The UC Irvine Libraries, Irvine, California.



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