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Chancellor Peltason at the UCI-UTC bridge dedication August 29, 2014

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Happy birthday, Chancellor Peltason! Hope your birthday is as joyous and eventful as this moment in UC Irvine history!


Chancellor Peltason crosses the UCI-UTC bridge. Also pictured, Chancellor Aldrich, Peter the Anteater, and Aldrich Hall (Administration building). From the University Communications Photographs [AS-061].

This photo was taken during the 1986 UCI-UTC Bridge Dedication. The outfits worn by many of the attendees suggest that this may have occured during UCI’s annual Wayzgoose celebration.


Chancellor Peltason at the UCI-UTC Bridge Dedication. From the University Communications Photographs [AS-061].

This pedestrian bridge was built through a partnership between the City of Irvine and the Irvine Company to connect the University Town Center and the UC Irvine campus. The $1,000,000 bridge symbolized the relationship between the campus and the community at large.

It has also been stated by Sam McCulloch, our favorite Australian historian, that during this dedication ceremony, “Chancellor Peltason entertained the audience of University and community leaders with a remarkable yo-yo demonstration”.

Does anyone have any video evidence of this? Please do share. Here are some photos!

(One more thing to note! This bridge now goes by the name, Watson Bridge, named for Ray Watson, original architect and former President of The Irvine Company. This bridge was dedicated on October 27, 2005.)



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