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UCI Libraries Zinefest! Oct 26, 12-4pm October 18, 2016

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Last year, we brought UCI Libraries Zinefest to UC Irvine! Zines are short for “fanzines”, which are DIY mini-magazines that allow anyone to express their opinions in a fun and cost effective way. Zinefest combined educational and creative aspects to form an engaging event open to students and the public, allowing them to express their unique opinions, ideas, and concerns in the form of a zine. Attendees were also able to listen to three guest speakers. These speakers were educational, bringing attention to resources available to the public to express themselves and research further into zines.

Uncultivated Rabbits represent their zine, Uncultivated Underground

The student organization Uncultivated Rabbits represents their zine, Uncultivated Underground.

Zinefest succeeded in reaching out to and educating the UCI community about zines as well as the UCI Libraries’ collections, and how anyone can express their ideas and thoughts easily through creating a zine.

Students creating zines.

Students creating zines.

After the success of last year’s Zinefest, the UCI Libraries will continue this fun tradition of public outreach to the Anteater Community. There are fun and new things in store for this year’s event, which is held during International Open Access Week, an international celebration of public access to information. One of UCI’s contributions to this international event is Zinefest, allowing free access to information and viewing of zines, along with showcasing the information resources that UCI’s libraries have to offer.

In addition to the previous year’s activities, including DIY zine making, guest speakers, and presentations on resources UCI offers to the public, 2016 brings the opportunity to contribute to a community zine. This will provide a format for the community to work collaboratively on zines, inviting participants to come together and express their opinions with their fellow Anteaters.

We'll also have buttons! And the button maker, so you can make your own.

We’ll also have buttons! And the button maker, so you can make your own.

This year, attendees will be able to create their own DIY zines and buttons, encouraging the UCI community to be creative and expressive. The event is free, and if you choose, you can donate your zine to the UCI Libraries’ zine collection. Plus, you will even be able to meet Peter the Antreader!


Peter the Antreader getting his zine on!

Zinefest 2016 will host even more guest speakers than the year before. Attendees will get the opportunity to hear from speakers with a wide variety of focuses. Speakers include returning speaker Professor Jeanne Scheper from the Gender and Sexuality Department. This year there will be new speakers, including zinesters Ziba Perez Zehdar and Jon-O Gazdecki of ZebraPizza Zine (http://threeamigospress.tumblr.com/). Alison Regan of the UCI Libraries and Tamara Austin of the Cross Cultural Center will also speak to audiences. In addition, the public will get the chance to see an exhibition of the UCI Libraries’ collection of zines. This exhibition will be curated by Laura Uglean Jackson, Assistant University Archivist of the Special Collections Archives.

Combine all of these fun opportunities that Zinefest has to offer, and the event this year is sure to be one for the books! Zinefest 2016 is on October 26th, from 12-4 PM, so make sure to bring your friends and stop by the Gateway Plaza next to Langson Library for one of the most fun and educational events hosted by the UCI Libraries of the year. The UCI Libraries can’t wait to see you there!


Program information and updates are available on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1600629183570288/


UCI Stories exhibit opens Monday, May 23 May 20, 2016

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Ready for 50+ anteater antics told through conversations between former and current anteaters? Zot zot! Anteaters come together to share memories, events, and changes throughout UC Irvine’s 50 years of history.

The UCI Libraries announce the opening of an exciting new exhibit called UCI Stories: 50th Anniversary Oral History Project, on Monday, May 23rd at 6:30PM in Langson Library, UCI. RSVP here: http://partners.lib.uci.edu/ucistories/rsvp

UCI Stories

Inspired and imprinted with words spoken during the filmed oral histories, UCI Stories highlights the bright past and brilliant future of UCI through the memories, reflections, and predictions of its community. Artfully curated quotes of campus leaders, innovators, alumni, faculty and staff, document how over the past 50 years, UCI has given birth to generations of community-oriented difference-makers driven by a pioneering spirit that has permeated the campus long before a physical building ever stood on the land. UCI Stories captures how this spirit glues UCI together, and often after graduation calls Anteaters back home. Every great story has three main parts: characters with whom you can identify, a memorable and imaginable setting, and a plot based on the unexpected experiences of protagonists. This is UCI Stories.

Opening night speakers are Robert Cohen (UCI Claire Trevor Professor of Drama, Emeritus/Founding Faculty), Jenny Doh ’91 (UCI’s First Student Regent/Past President, UCI Alumni Association), Elizabeth Toomey (Daughter of Founding Chancellor Aldrich/Retired UCI Assistant Vice Chancellor, Community and Government Relations), and Joseph L. White (UCI Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry), will engage in a fascinating conversation on UCI’s history and thoughts for the future; with panel moderation by Krystal Tribbett, UCI Libraries 50th Anniversary Project Historian.

The program will be followed by a light reception and exhibit viewing in Langson Library, UCI. The event is free and open to the public. Space is limited; reservations are first come, first served.

UCI Stories Program, May 23

UCI Stories Program. May 23, 2016.

Please go to http://partners.lib.uci.edu/ucistories/rsvp to make an online reservation. For further information please call 949.824.4651 or email partners@uci.edu.

The UCI Stories Project is a unique oral history project, launched by UCI Libraries, that pairs over 100 UCI affiliates for dynamic conversations to commemorate UCI’s 50th Anniversary. The reminiscences collected offer first-hand perspectives that tell the multifaceted story of UCI’s intellectual contributions, key turning points, and unique legacy. The UCI Libraries’ 50th Anniversary Exhibit, “UCI Stories” is a product of this effort.

More information is available here: http://news.lib.uci.edu/events/spring-2016-exhibit-opening-uci-stories

Peter the Anteater turns 50! November 29, 2015

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Happy Birthday, Peter the Anteater! There’s no other mascot quite like you, and we’re so proud to have you represent our campus spirit!

You are our joy, our inspiration, and we look to you with endearing pride. You’re fierce, snuggly, and the handsomest in all of UC Irvine history.

For your birthday, we made you an album of 50 photos from our 50 years together. Happy birthday! Hope you celebrate with the biggest ant-cake! Zot Zot Zot!


Photos from University Communications [AS-061]; Spectrum; Collection on the Anteater Mascot [AS-144]; UCI Libraries photographs

December 1, 1965 — UCI’s first basketball game November 10, 2015

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The UC Irvine basketball team won their first game against UC Riverside on December 1, 1965 after two “ex-officio” players – Chancellor Dan Aldrich and UC Riverside’s Chancellor Ivan Hinderaker – competed for the ball during the opening tip off.  The first UCI Athletic Director Wayne Crawford addresses the crowd before the game, Head Coach Dan Rogers prepares the team, the cheerleaders are cheering, and there isn’t an empty seat in the gym!


Chancellors Aldrich and Hinderaker at tipoff

The team lined up before the game

Chancellors Aldrich and Hinderaker

Getting ready to start the game


UCI Men's basketball team


CIA (Completely Insane Anteaters)… in 1968? November 21, 2014

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Varsity Basketball game in 1968.

Varsity Basketball game in 1968.

It’s basketball season again, and the CIA (Completely Insane Anteaters) are out in numbers to cheer the varsity team on to victory! The tradition of a large student fan base of support at basketball games goes back to the first UCI basketball game on December 1, 1965. Here’s a photograph of a game in Crawford Gym in 1968 against the CSUF Titans. TRAMPLE THE TITANS!

Don’t disappear! September 29, 2014

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Special Collections & Archives spent the day at the annual Anteater Involvement Fair! Zot!

Our motivation: to preserve UCI history! The University Archives (at the UCI Libraries!) wants to preserve your student organization records! Any material including constitutions, by-laws, photos, posters, meeting minutes… whether physical or digital, including facebook sites, instagram feeds, and photos straight from your camera, we’re ready for everything! If there’s anythng you don’t need anymore, don’t throw it out! Send it to the library!

Here’s the super attractive, bright pink flyer we handed out, which has a lot more information:

Don't disappear!

Don’t disappear!


Representing our UCI pride! Zot!

Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch ’em all!

Visit our website for more information on how to transfer your student organization records: http://special.lib.uci.edu/donate/donating-records-so.html

Chancellor Peltason at the UCI-UTC bridge dedication August 29, 2014

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Happy birthday, Chancellor Peltason! Hope your birthday is as joyous and eventful as this moment in UC Irvine history!


Chancellor Peltason crosses the UCI-UTC bridge. Also pictured, Chancellor Aldrich, Peter the Anteater, and Aldrich Hall (Administration building). From the University Communications Photographs [AS-061].

This photo was taken during the 1986 UCI-UTC Bridge Dedication. The outfits worn by many of the attendees suggest that this may have occured during UCI’s annual Wayzgoose celebration.


Chancellor Peltason at the UCI-UTC Bridge Dedication. From the University Communications Photographs [AS-061].

This pedestrian bridge was built through a partnership between the City of Irvine and the Irvine Company to connect the University Town Center and the UC Irvine campus. The $1,000,000 bridge symbolized the relationship between the campus and the community at large.

It has also been stated by Sam McCulloch, our favorite Australian historian, that during this dedication ceremony, “Chancellor Peltason entertained the audience of University and community leaders with a remarkable yo-yo demonstration”.

Does anyone have any video evidence of this? Please do share. Here are some photos!

(One more thing to note! This bridge now goes by the name, Watson Bridge, named for Ray Watson, original architect and former President of The Irvine Company. This bridge was dedicated on October 27, 2005.)

Gateway Plaza May 24, 2013

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Gateway Plaza has been a central hub of activity on the UC Irvine campus since its opening in 1965. From the flagpoles to the stairs leading into Aldrich Park, this area between Langson Library and Gateway Commons has seen countless protests, speeches, events, memorials, pep rallies and performances by students and community members alike. To this day, this area is a central place for students to congregate and share their ideas. Check out these photos from UCI’s early years:

These images, along with thousands more of the UCI campus, are available on the Online Archive of UCI History. Check back soon for more photos, videos, and publications, as additional material from UCI’s history is continuously being uploaded. As always, even more is available in the University Archives on the 5th floor of Langson Library. Come visit us!

Get Ready for Celebrate UCI! April 18, 2013

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This Saturday, April 20th, the UC Irvine campus will hold its annual Celebrate UCI event in Aldrich Park. This campus-wide celebration includes live entertainment, carnival games and rides, lots of food, arts & crafts, performances, the annual car show (15 years running!), and Wayzgoose, one of UCI’s oldest traditions. The festival also features an Open House, where many campus services will remain open in order for prospective students and the community to learn about the UCI campus. All events are free and parking is complimentary!

This celebration has been a campus favorite for decades. Here are some photos of Celebrate UCI and Wayzgoose festivals from the 1980s:

These photos and more are available to view in our reading room at Special Collections and Archives, on the 5th floor of Langson Library. They will soon be available online via the Online Archive of UCI History, which documents the first 50 years of the campus in photographs, videos, audio recordings, publications, the New University newspaper, and other publications. Check back often, as new materials are continuously being added.

Check out this video of last year’s celebrations, and get ready for another great year of Celebrate UCI!

Photos from AS-061, UCI Communications Photographs Collection.  Special Collections and Archives, The UC Irvine Libraries, Irvine, California.

The First UCI Men’s Basketball Game: December 1, 1965 January 28, 2013

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It’s basketball season! The very first UCI basketball game was held over 47 years ago in December, 1965. The Anteaters played the Highlanders of UC Riverside in Campus Hall (now Crawford Hall), where Chancellor Dan Aldrich and UCR Chancellor Ivan Hinderaker tipped off to begin the game.  The ‘Eaters went on to win the game with a score of 85 to 71! ZOT ZOT!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck to the men as they play Cal Poly this Wednesday January 30th, and to the women as they play Pacific on Thursday January 31st!

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